Kids Educational Centers



Dare and Ms. Tootie,

We attended a conference with Sara’s teacher earlier this week and I wanted to pass along a couple of things that stood out from Sara’s conference.

Sara was THE ONLY child in her class of 18 who could count to 100 by ones and tens and came to school knowing how to do both of those things. She was the only child who knew 27 out of 54 letter sounds, which she now knows all. She has already been tested for sight words and knew 14 words on their list. She was the only child who has been tested for sight words so far.

These accomplishments are a direct result of the hard work Ms. Sherry put in with Sara and her students last year, gearing them up for kindergarten. We so appreciate all Ms. Sherry did helping Sara and others learn in a fun environment!!!


Jeni M.

Kids Educational Center IV has been a major life saver for our family. My granddaughter has been there since she was 6 months old and she has now just graduated this May. Not only have they taught her over half of everything she knows but has taught us many methods on how to continue to educate her as she gets older. The teachers have also made sure we are very aware of everything she does, from bathroom breaks, to playtime, to naptime and everything in between. They have provided fun little family events each year as well. Kids Educational takes time to get to know the parent and the child as friends and kind of like a little family there as well. They have been more helpful then I could have possibly imagined! Ms Sue Young the director runs a tight ship. I’ve never seen Ms Sue have a bad day. Thank You Kids Ed!

I have two kids who attend the Kids Education Center. My son has been going there since he was six week s old and he will be nine this month. My daughter is four, and I am very confident that when she goes to school next year, she will be ready r the challenges she will face thanks to the foundation that KEC is offering her. She has learned her alphabets, numbers, she’s counting like a pro, her social skills are excellent, and I know that KEC I had a great deal to do with all of that. It makes he parents’ job much easier when they don’t have to worry about how their children are being treated and feel confident at they are getting the appropriate attention. I have never had any problems with the management or staff of the center, hey have always been super supportive and professional in any and all situations. My son can be a handful at times, and KEC staff has been patient and understanding, and have continued to keep the lines of communication open so we together can figure out the best way to handle certain situations. I am extremely satisfied with KEC I, and my family hopes to continue the great relationship we have formed over the past 9 years!!!

Angela H.

I would like to take the time to express my happiness and satisfaction with the quality of care and education at the Kids Educational Center III in Wake Forest, NC. Since the arrival of Mrs. Kimberly Jones Kreuz I have seen this facility improve in so many ways. Staff, both old and new, has become much more professional and education focused. My son has thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the weekly planned agendas and lessons. Being a creative curriculum developer she has made a point to plan events which parents can participate in as well; creating a more family fun atmosphere. She knows every child in her school and the parents as well; forming a very trusting relationship. She is easy to communicate with and always makes sure she is available for parents. Knowing my child is in her and her staffs care while I am working sets me at ease.

The facility is much more organized and well maintained. Classrooms are fun, safe and a great learning environment. She has found ways to make sure supplies are always abundant and the playground is fun and safe. Mrs. Kreuz has made many changes to assure the safety of our children by installing cameras in the classrooms and hallways. I have always noted seeing her follow strict safety rules when the children are out on special trips or have special guests at school; even using great instructional technique to teach these children the importance of the safety rules. My child knows and follows many of these at home now and for that I am thankful.

Whenever I have voiced any concerns about my child’s care she is on top of the issue and is quick to correct or explain the issue. I have never left a meeting with her feeling that I had a problem that was left unresolved. She shows the parent that they are just as important as the student and shows that she understands and cares for each child as if they were her own. Not only does she do well for those under the roof of her facility but she is also very active in the community. Throughout the year she has many charity/fundraiser events and activities which involve the students and teaches them to be a part of their community and how to help others. Again, I am thankful for her help in making my child a better person.

Overall, Mrs. Kim is dedicated, diligent, dependable and big hearted. She cares and works hard for her staff, students and parents. She manages to balance a child’s care, education and safety, facility management, keeping staff and parents happy…and does it all with a smile.

Shannon S.

We have 2 children at Kids Education Center III on Jones Dairy Road. This daycare is truly blessed to have someone like Kim Kreuz. You will never find someone more devoted to the welfare of her kids than Kim. She definitely had a calling to care for kids and we are so glad she followed it. Her everyday actions have improved this daycare 10 fold since she took over. In the world today it is hard to trust anyone and this is especially true when it comes to our children. When we drop our children off at KEC III, we do it with ease because we know Kim has assembled a great staff of people who treat our children with respect and love. Kim is very hands on, she makes sure that all rules are followed; compliance are met and has even redecorated the facility.

Every day you can see that Kim truly, genuinely cares about the kids at the center. You can see it in her actions, emotions and the way she treats them. You can’t help but feel at ease when you drop your children off knowing that Kim and the wonderful staff she has assembled is there. You have found a gem in her and my wife and I just wanted to express to you how much we appreciate having her and KECIII in our lives. Thank you!

We would recommend KEC III to anyone and can say with 100% confidence that you can trust this group of people to take excellent care of your children. KEC III with Kim Kreuz at the helm is definitely a 5 star facility!

Jimmy A.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for Kim Kreuz. Her passion and dedication to children has made our children’s introduction to education exceptional. We first came to Kids Educational Center ill in 2006 with our 1st child Samaya. Although the staff was caring and attentive, there was little to no focus on academics. Since Kim has become the director of the program there has been dramatic shift for the better.

Our two younger children still attend KEC III. In the short time Kim has been with KEC III, she has changed it from “just another daycare” and truly made it into a preschool. Each age group has a curriculum that is age appropriate but challenges them. The great thing is that the staff (old and new) still are just as compassionate and engaged as before. Kim has also made an environment that encourages staff to further their own education and works with them to achieve their individual goals.

Kim is more than just a director; she is the eyes and ears of a parent when we cannot be there ourselves. Our daughter Reece began to display signs that she may be ready for kindergarten very early on. Kim encouraged us to have testing done for possible early entry into kindergarten; the testing confirmed exactly what we had expected. Despite scoring in the 96th percentile, due to the strict requirements of Wake County, Reece did not qualify for even a provisional entry. Kim immediately offered to call the school district and speak with whomever she needed to and speak on Reece’s behalf as an educator. It means so much to a parent to know that the person you have entrusted your child is vested in their future and weft-being.

Maurice S.

This is a testimonial to say how much we are so happy to be a part of Kids Educational in W dell. Skyler has been going there since she has been a baby. Skyler is almost eight years old now. Miss Tutti is one of the most sweetest ladies I have ever met. She has always been a big part of our lives since. Skyler is like a part of a big family there. Miss Tutti is an incredible lady. She runs Kids Educational as if each child is one of hers. I have loved taking Skyler there for so many years. Miss Tutti is a so very special to us. I would highly recommend her as a highly loved and respected lady. She is so well loved and runs Kids Educational so extremely well.

Everybody that is employed at Kids Educational is like a part of our family. Skyler is there before school with Miss Bootsie and Miss Kickee. She loves them and Miss Jennifer and Miss Maria and Miss Sharon and Miss Sherry. They all take such great care of Skyler. I love them all and couldn’t ask for a better place to send Skyler. I wouldn’t want to send her anywhere else. We are so blessed to have all of them taking care of Skyler.

Becky F.

For the past 5 years we have had the pleasure of being a part of the Kids Educational Center IV family. My children have not only grown but have prospered tremendously. The teachers are loving and caring and the greatest feeling is that I can trust the staff. Without Kids Educational Center IV my children would not be where they are today educationally. Every day they come home singing, counting, and so excited to show me their art work they completed that day. On a daily basis the teachers communicate with me on how their day went and what activities they did that day. Having an open line of communication is not only comforting but beneficial to everyone. The love, care, patience, and nurturing has been wonderful from the director and teachers. I feel privileged to have my children attending here. It’s a great feeling when you see your child run to their teacher with open arms and a big smile excited to be there. I would not trade this second family for the world!

Proud Parents

Ms. Sue and the staff at Kids Educational Center provide a nurturing, educational, and safe environment for our children. The staff are educated, patient, and conscientious. My children have blossomed in their care, especially my 3 year old. All of my children have fun while learning n a friendly and safe environment.


I enrolled my 1st granddaughter in the Kids Educational Center in 2006. Had such a good experience we moved to Knightdale so we could enroll our 2nd granddaughter in the Kids Educational Center as well.

My 2nd granddaughter just graduated from the kids Educational Center we love the school so much they will continue going there for after school care


KEC has been such a great experience for my family.  My son absolutely loves his teachers “Ms. Key Key” and Mrs. Dana. His day is not complete without his hug from Mrs. Tootie! Everywhere we go he is always tellign strangers about KEC and his different experiences at school.  KEC has been such a positive atmosphere for my son.  I recommend everyone bring their son here.

Beverly T.