Kids Educational Centers


Curriculum: Two’s

Our Two’s Classroom bases its curriculum around the well-known fact that a majority of learning for two-year olds takes place while playing. Play literally is the child’s work and education.

We use the Active Learning Series Curriculum for Twos, in which your child will learn while enjoying:

  • singing songs
  • playing games
  • creating art
  • developing language and vocabulary skills
  • and much more

This classroom works heavily on self-help skills, which include toilet training and dressing while the children start to experience structured large-group activities.

Two-year-olds have a sense of independence and are filled with a high level of curiosity for the world around them. Our teachers work to build trust with both you and your child while providing a sense of security and warmth to the pre-school classrooms.

We also include daily outdoor play and activities (weather permitting).