Kids Educational Centers


Curriculum: Pre-School 3-4’s

Our Pre-School Classroom (3-4’s) is designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of young children as they begin preparing for elementary school.

Our educated staff develops daily lesson plans, which focus on all areas of development, such as:

  • social
  • emotional
  • physical
  • literacy
  • problem solving

This age group is encouraged to practice different skills including

  • cleaning up after themselves
  • shoelace-tying
  • personal hygiene.

Social skills are also a focus as our teachers model and teach children good social behavior.

Using the Active Learning Series Curriculum for Pre-School, your child will be provided with a structured setting for individual and small group instruction in which each child is free to explore his or her interests and build friendships with classmates.

Each pre-school room is arranged in developmentally appropriate learning centers including:

  • blocks
  • cozy book center
  • dramatic play
  • science
  • sand and water
  • manipulatives
  • language
  • writing and more

Our pre-school classrooms are engaged with a lot of hands-on fun, with a variety of activities and equipment for children to explore and learn while having fun.